Transactional Funding

How it Works

NO UPFRONT FEES! The back-end processing fee of $495 is now charged on the back-end. Please note ETF (Extended Transactional Funding) is no longer available.


This is simple. A one to three day, back-to-back real estate transaction funding involves 3 parties and 2 stand alone closings.

“A” – Seller

“B” – Investor

“C” – End Buyer

“A” sells to “B” (AB Closing) and “B” sells to “C” (BC Closing)

How to Request Funds…

Requesting transactional funds is quick and easy. Just complete and submit the form below.

You should receive a response within one business day.

If you haven’t received a response, then please check your spam/junk mail folder first. If still no response, then contact us.

Transactional Funding Fee Schedule

  • Up to $115,000 – $2,000 flat fee
  • $115,001 – $1,000,000 – 1.75% *NEW*
  • Over $1,000,000 – Yes, fee and rate are case by case
  • Back-end processing fee up to $1M – $495

We are committed to offering you the Bull Market Solutions service possible including one of the most competitive rates in the industry.