Bull Market Solutions Announces Partnership with Bottom Line Savings

Partnership closes the gap for thousands of eligible SMBs to access Employee Retention Credit

LOS ANGELES (May 25, 2022) – Bull Market Solutions. the source for small businesses in America to get more funds, today announces it has partnered with Bottom Line Savings, a no risk, contingency-based cost savings company, to help small businesses access Employee Retention Credit (ERC) refund.

The ERC is a stimulus program designed to help businesses that were able to retain their employees during the Covid-19 pandemic. Established by the CARES Act, the ERC is a payroll tax refund that small and mid-sized businesses can claim and do not need to pay back. It is based on qualified wages and healthcare paid to employees. Initially, under the CARES Act of 2020, businesses were not able to qualify for the ERC if they had already received a Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) loan. With new legislation in 2021, employers are now eligible for both programs, though the ERC cannot apply to the same wages as the ones claimed for the PPP.

Bull Market Solutions is adding on to its existing funding solutions to push more government funding to eligible small businesses. Alongside Bottom Line Savings, Bull Market Solutions is leveraging its existing network of over 40,000 small businesses, coinciding with the Company’s overall mission of helping small businesses succeed in the United States through financial grants and tactical support.

“The ERC program is an extremely under-utilized and extremely valuable financial aid opportunity for small business owners to receive from the government,” explains Bull Market Solutions Ray Zamora. “After identifying this opportunity to help more small businesses, developing a partnership with Bottom Line Savings was a no-brainer. Since 2008, they’ve recovered over $2.2 billion dollars for more than 7,000 clients – including American Express, Uber, and Rolex.”

This partnership mirrors previous successful channel partnership deals from Bull Market Solutions. In the last two years, the company has generated a total of $8 million from similar channel partnerships.

Zamora continued, “We have been very fortunate to secure unique partnerships like this one with Bottom Line Savings. By using our own advertising budget and technology, it not only fits our company mission, but it’s also a huge opportunity for us to get higher ROI from our leads.”

To qualify as an employer, business owners must meet the following:

* Experience changes to your operations due to an Executive Order during 2020 or 2021; or

*Your gross receipts for 2020 fell below 50% for the same quarter in 2019 and fell below 80% for 2021.

To set up a call and see if your business qualifies for the ERC, go to:

Employee Retention Credit